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100% Raw Honey. Our honey is produced right on our Lavender & Honey Farm. It is filtered to perfection and is one of the best-tasting honey you will ever try. Our bees roam the hills of our farm gathering their nectar from trees, plants, and herbs that we grow and grow wildly. 


We don't use pesticides or chemicals in our hives or on any plants around our farm. All honey that is produced, is from the bees gathering nectar making it 100% pure honey. 


Honey of high quality such as ours, contains high levels of antioxidants, essential nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes offering many health benefits. To ensure this natural state of our honey is kept, we never heat our honey over 100 degrees.

Health benefits to be known from High-Quality Honey are:
-Support Heart Health
-Boost Immune System
-Can assist with Weight loss
-Can be used to aid in healing burns
-Promotes a healthy digestive system
-Lower Blood Pressure
-Improves Cholesterol

All PURE honey can crystallize over time but does not spoil. If your honey crystallizes, you can liquefy it by placing the bottle or jar in water that is no hotter than 99 degrees and stirring occasionally. Heating the honey breaks up the crystals to make it liquid again, but you want to be sure it is not heated over 100 degrees so it maintains its natural nutrients.

Comes in a jar containing a net weight of 13 ounces. Available in 4 varieties. Pure Raw Honey, Lavender-Infused Raw Honey, Ginger and Cinnamon Infused Honey, and Jalapeno infused Honey.

Raw Honey

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