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Lavender & Honey's Guardian blend supports the body during times of allergies which can cause itchy, irritated, watery eyes, and stuffy sinuses. 

Seasonal allergies often referred to as hay fever, are a symptom of your immune system overreacting to a stimulus such as pollen or animal dander. By simple application of the right oils, many customers have seen their allergy symptoms relieved! The way to reduce allergies is by decongesting and suppressing inflammation and the histaminic response. We created this blend with essential oils known to accomplish these tasks through inhalation and topical application.  Diffuse and/or apply by nostrils or appropriate vita flex point as needed. 

Our Allergy Dissipator is created in a base of jojoba oil with therapeutic grade organic essential oils tea tree, lavender, peppermint, patchouli, and lemon.


Size is 10ml/(1/3 ounce).

Guardian Blend (previously Allergy Dissipator)

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