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​Hi! I am Angie, the owner, and creator of Lavender and Honey. Here I will share with you how L&H began and my personal story...

A few years ago, a friend was telling me about essential oils and their wonderful benefits. I politely listened, then jokingly asked if there was something in her magical bag of oils that would cure my ongoing battle with insomnia. A few days later she returned bearing gifts. Samples of lavender and other oils, claiming they’d help me sleep.I was skeptical. Envisioning herbs and oils as some “witchery” that didn’t work. Part of my doubt was from society. Most of us are raised to believe in pills or medicines created in labs. Not in nature and the organic substances created by God. Also, I started out as a Veterinary Technician, then later switched paths and was a Nurse in the NICU. Both careers led me to trust only pharmaceutical remedies and procedures, not in herbs. The combination made me a cynic.

However, I was desperate for a good night sleep and willing to try almost anything. I gave my friend’s natural remedies a try. The result? The most amazing night of sleep! Now I was intrigued and had to find out how it’d worked. I began researching the benefits of natural medicinal products and discovered something remarkable. God in His infinite wisdom, already created what was needed to cure many health conditions. The essential oil derived from flowers, leaves, roots, wood, stems and the seeds of each plant have incredible health benefits. They are more than an intoxicating fragrance; they can heal and alleviate many problematic conditions.

The more I learned, the more apparent it became that I needed to make changes in my current lifestyle. I was shocked when I realized what kind of ingredients were in so many everyday products.  Toxins, carcinogens, and harsh synthetic chemicals.  These components can irritate the skin and even cause severe skin conditions, hormone imbalances, cancers, and more. Now fully aware, I became frustrated trying to find products free of these harmful ingredients. I began making holistic products for myself, family, then friends. When anyone came to me with a problem, I’d search for an alternative therapy and then create a product with natural healing ingredients. The response was incredible, and the clients grew. From there Lavender and Honey was born - a full line of Herbal Body, Skin, Beauty, Personal Care, and Holistic products. Lavender & Honey prides itself on creating personal care products from 100% natural, wildcrafted, and organic ingredients. Such as certified organic oils and butters, organically grown herbs, and botanical natural clays. L&H never uses items containing synthetics or derivatives. Furthermore, our handcrafted organic soap, skin, and body care products are made in small artisan batches daily, allowing for a level of freshness and quality not found in mass-produced brands.

My personal story: 
Today I look around at my beautiful life and I feel overwhelmingly blessed to call it mine. Undoubtedly grateful, after a lot of prayer I have decided to share my story with you because I am always crossing paths with others who are desperate, lost and in pain. Though in many ways I am still finding my way in life it wasn't so long ago that I was there as well I spent the majority of my life in that misery. If my story can reach and help just one person, it was worth opening up and being vulnerable. My hope is to help and inspire hurting people to live a healthier life; a lifestyle I recently embraced. Warning it is not a “beautiful” story, but it’s my story. It is a story filled with good and bad, pain and happiness. Interested? Read more here .

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