One-On-One Wellness Consultations With Angie



As a holistic clinical herbalist, my philosophy honors the wholeness of each person and believes that true healing comes from within.

Our bodies are created by God to be intelligent, resilient, and with the ability to heal.  When we employ herbs and natural therapies we can shift patterns of health and disease into greater balance and vitality.

Whether you have a multitude of serious diseases or you're relatively healthy, with just a couple of minor complaints, your symptoms are not something to overcome. Instead, they're your body's way of telling you that soming is out of balance. In our work together, we will dive into what your body is telling you and address the root causes to then create a custom wellness plan designed specifically for your body and needs.


Do you dream of understanding you body and its needs?
Are you tired of feeling exhausted, anxious, and overwhelmed?

Are you sick of being on too many medications, getting nowhere, and feeling unsupported by your healthcare practitioners?
Are you feeling like a bigger mess than when it all began?

Do you feel trapped on a hamster-wheel of doctor's appointments, medications, procedures with no idea how to jump off?

Do you dream of having energy and feeling better so you can have your life back and be doing the things you love again?

Are you are ready to honor your body and learn to deeply nourish and care for yourself?


There was a point in my own life when I struggled with liver issues, insomnia, depression, anxiety, addiction, borderline Type 2 diabetes, imbalanced hormones, chronic colds, and respiratory illnesses. I was feeling my sickest ever and thought there was no way out, nothing could help me, and I would forever be caught in this vicious cycle.

Previously a nurse and a skeptic of "natural medicine," I found herbs calling to me. Desperate and curious, I was willing to set aside my skepticism and listen. That day opened my heart and changed everything, leading me down my plant path and on the road to healing.

I see you're here and feeling curious too. So let's learn about how we can work together to get you on your path to wellness as well...


A wellness consultation with an herbalist is for people seeking to do deeper work on their health and truly work to achieve long-last changes in their life. You must be willing and interested in making changes to your diet and lifestyle, and not just be looking for herbs to be a ‘fix’ to your problems, but to act as allies in the bigger picture.

They are an ongoing relationship between you and your practitioner, who will act as your guide as you navigate your own health journey; helping you to find the herbs and other healing modalities that best fit you and your health picture.

We offer multiple Wellness Consultation options to fit your needs and goals in your health and wellness journey. With every consultation type, we will discuss your history, current ailments, goals you wish to achieve in terms of your health, get to the root cause and develop a plan on how to reach them.


You will always leave the consult with some kind of recommendation, whether it is a lifestyle, herbal, nutritional, or a combination of the three. After the consultation, your complete custom wellness plan will be created for you with all your recommendations, and customized herbal formula(s) and/or nutritional supplements that are right for your situation. 


We Offer Wellness Consultations:

  • In-person at the Lavender & Honey Property in Manitou Beach, MI 

  • or Via Video From Anywhere You Are Comfortable

If you can not find a date that works for you, please reach out at 517.262.6392 and we will be happy to find a date that works for you!

Unsure or have some questions? 


No worries Angie would love to assist you and will address any concerns and answer any questions you have during your FREE connection call.


A holistic approach with herbs, whole foods,

and lifestyle changes can:

  • Restore Your Unique Balance

  • Help With Weightloss

  • Improve Skin

  • Improve Sleep & Energy

  • Improve Digestion

  • Balance Hormones

  • Overcome Disease

  • Prevent Illness

  • Build & Maintain Your Health

Medicinal herbs, mortar of healing herbs
Each consultation will come with a recommended daily tea, tincture, nutritional/lifestyle changes, and, if needed, a topical herbal formula.

The cost of herbs, formulations, tinctures, or products is not included in the consultation price. 

Angie provides in-person consultations for local clients or those willing to travel at the Lavender & Honey farm in Manitou Beach, Michigan, or Anthro Apothecary in Tecumseh, Michigan. Consultations via video are available as well.

Our blends are based on:
A client’s particular health needs
Protocol compliance
The herb’s availability
Extraction methods of herbs

Energetics of the client and the herbs


Call Lavender & Honey at 517-262-6392.


Hi! I'm Angie. I am a clinical herbalist who was previously a registered nurse. I left the field of nursing to become a feet in the mud, hands in the dirt, digging in the earth kind of herbalist. 


For most of my life, I was suffering from numerous health issues of my own. By my mid 30's, I felt my sickest ever and thought there was no way out, nothing could help me, and I would forever be trapped in this vicious cycle. I found I could get my life and my health back using the herbs growing around me.


Today my passion is providing "for real" natural products and helping folks take charge of their health with local herbs and the natural world. I combine evidence-based and traditional Western herbal medicine, whole foods nutrition, general wellness coaching, and lifestyle changes to support my client’s whole health. My clinical work is primarily focused on anxiety, stress, sleep, digestive, immune, and supporting people through the healing process.

Herbs are one of the oldest and most widely used forms of support for the human body in the world! Effective, affordable, environmentally friendly, with minimal side effects, and tantalizing to all the senses, herbs are a vital part of a healthy present and future!

As a clinical herbal practitioner, I work WITH you and revere an open, honest dialogue about your current concerns and health goals. I value collaborative care and believe that we can achieve our most vital health through cooperation between conventional and traditional medical methods. 


I promise to walk with you on every step of your healing path, expertly guiding you through your journey to the other side, feeling vibrant and whole. While I can't definitively predict what you may experience on our journey together I can promise to be there for you, lending an open and judgment-free ear and holding a safe space for you to do so.


I am not a medical doctor, do not diagnose disease, or prescribe medications. L&H herbal consultations are not intended to replace medical care.  Herbal consultations are educational and are not intended to treat disease, but support your health.

Our body has an innate ability to heal itself and sometimes just needs extra support...