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Are Bath Bombs Safe?

If one of your favorite forms of relaxation is a long hot soak in the tub, I'm gonna bet you have used or are interested in using bath bombs. And why not, they can be beautiful, smell amazing, and may even have some skin-nourishing ingredients that can take relaxation to a whole new level.

So the question here is, are they safe? Unfortunately, most that are on the market today contain loads of dangerous dyes and chemicals that can negatively affect your health. We will look at some common ingredients found in bath bombs at many of your local or online shops. While I also find a long soak in a soothing bath one of my favorite ways to relax, when I read the ingredient list on the majority of bath bombs on the market it brings me stress and anxiety, not relaxation. Popular bath fizzy ingredients are linked to ailments like asthma, eczema, ADHD, urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infections, cancer, and other diseases.

  • "Fragrance." A seemingly innocent enough word found everywhere in products, but the truth is, synthetic scents are one of the most toxic ingredients in bath products. Many are known or suspected endocrine disruptors, including phthalates and other chemicals that trigger hormonal mayhem and increase your risk of diseases like infertility, breast cancer, and type 2 diabetes among other ailments.

  • Fake Food Dyes/Colorants. Common dyes used in bath bombs have been shown to cause allergy-like reactions and symptoms of ADHD in children. Some are contaminated with cancer-causing substances. Certain yellow dyes may even increase the risk of adrenal and kidney cancers. (1)

  • Boric acid is sometimes used in DIY bath bomb recipes and in store-bought versions. I would avoid it because there’s strong evidence it acts as a hormone disruptor in humans. It’s banned for use in cosmetics in Canada and Japan. (2)

  • Glitter used in store-bought and homemade bath bombs can pollute water once they wash down the drain.

A Safer Bath Bomb Solution

Here at Lavender & Honey, we have crafted safe and clean bath bomb options without the harmful ingredients listed above. If you want the fizz without the artificial dyes and hormone-disrupting chemicals I am going to share with you the exact recipe we use for the very bath bombs that we sell in our shop!

Bath Bomb Recipe (makes approximately 4-5 bombs depending on mold used)

You will need:

  • Coconut Oil - 1ounce

  • Baking Soda - 1 cup

  • Citric Acid - 1/2 cup

  • Epsom Salts - 1/2 cup

  • Distilled Water - 0.5 ounces

  • A Mold for Bath Bombs - I like to use these round blue silicone bath bomb molds from Bulk Apothecary (silicone molds make it very easy to pop out the bath bomb). They also have an array of options you can have fun with.

Let's get started:

First, melt the coconut oil if it is solid by using the double boiler method. To double boil put a few inches of water into the bottom pan of the double boiler, making sure the water doesn't touch the top of the pan. Then, set the glass measuring cup on top of it. Set your heat to medium to ensure a gentle boil. Coconut oil is wonderful for its softening capabilities while offering antifungal and antibacterial benefits.

Next, in a glass, stainless steel, or ceramic bowl, mix the baking soda, citric acid, and Epsom salts. These are key components and where all the fizz comes from. Baking soda has the benefits of detoxifying and alkalinizing the body while offering softness to your skin. Epsom salt provides magnesium that can be absorbed through the skin. Blend all ingredients well.

Once the coconut oil is completely melted, combine with the dry ingredients. Then add distilled water and essential oils.

Here are the variations of bath bombs we make at Lavender & Honey:

  • SERENITY = 20 drops of lavender essential oil, 20 drops of clary sage essential, 20 drops of bergamot essential oil.

  • BALANCE = 15 drops of spruce essential oil, 10 drops of peppermint essential oil, 15 drops of rosemary essential oil, 15 drops of lavender essential oil.

  • WARRIOR = 20 drops of lemon essential oil, 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, 15 drops of rosemary essential oil, 5 drops of clove essential oil.

Of course, have fun and play with oils to create your own unique versions as well.

Allow it to set for 1–2 days so that it can form its shape as it dries. Once dry, store in an airtight container.

When you are ready to use your handmade bath bombs, simply draw a nice warm bath and drop it in! Enjoy the delightful scents while gaining the relaxation that your body and mind may need.

And if you don't have the time or do not enjoy making your own bath bombs they are always available for you here at Lavender & Honey.


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