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Welcome To Lavender & Honey!

The face behind Lavender & Honey and why I do what I do.

Hi! I'm Angie, the face behind Lavender & Honey. I am a clinical herbalist who was previously a registered nurse. I left the field of nursing to become a feet in the mud, hands in the dirt, digging in the earth kind of herbalist.

For most of my life, I was suffering from numerous health issues of my own. By my mid 30's, I felt my sickest ever. I struggled with liver issues, insomnia, depression, anxiety, addiction, borderline Type 2 diabetes, imbalanced hormones, chronic colds, and respiratory illnesses. I felt my sickest ever and thought there was no way out, nothing could help me, and I would forever be caught in this vicious cycle. Previously a nurse and a skeptic of "natural medicine," I found herbs calling to me. Desperate and curious, I was willing to set aside my skepticism and listen. That opened my heart and changed everything, leading me down my plant path and on the road to healing.

Today my passion is providing "for real" natural products and helping folks take charge of their health with local herbs and the natural world. I combine evidence-based and traditional Western herbal medicine, whole foods nutrition, general wellness coaching, and lifestyle changes to support my client’s whole health. My clinical work is primarily focused on anxiety, stress, sleep, digestive, immune, and helping people through the healing process.

As a holistic clinical herbalist, my philosophy honors the wholeness of each person and believes that true healing comes from within. I believe God created our bodies to be intelligent, resilient, and with the ability to heal. When we employ herbs and natural therapies, we can shift patterns of health and disease into greater balance and vitality.

The Lavender & Honey business is nestled in the woods in Manitou Beach, Michigan. Lavender & Honey consists of a shop with wellness and skincare products, an apothecary, a small herb farm, and a wellness clinic.

The shop carries body and skincare products, herbal teas, herbs, tinctures, raw honey, elderberry syrup, and wellness products. All products are handcrafted with organically grown or wildcrafted ingredients from herbs grown or harvested ourselves or from the best sources available.