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Get Your Summer On, Bug-Free

My eyes are closed, and my heart is full of content and gratitude as I listen to the symphony of my horses chewing on their hay, birds chirping, and the summer breeze rustling the leaves on the trees. I take a deep breath of fresh country summer air as I let the sunshine warm my face. Summer has finally arrived. Overnight from winter, this year in Michigan, it seems...and I am thoroughly relishing it. Suddenly something pulls me from my serenity as my hand automatically smacks my own forearm. I open my eyes and see a streak of red across my arm and a gross squished mosquito in my hand. For a moment, I am annoyed by this downside of summer - the bugs. Living on 34 acres in the woods, we certainly deal with our share of them...mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, deer flies, horse flies (that even make my horses cry)!

This is why lavender & Honey bug spray was one of the first products I created. I couldn't find any products to deter the array of stinging and biting insects that we share our woods with that were not laden with Deet and/or other toxic chemicals. After much self-testing and client feedback, I had finally created a bug deterrent spray that kept all those pesky bugs - big and small - at bay. Here around our homestead, we always have our Lavender & Honey Bug Spray in close reach. No bug is going to deter us from enjoy riding our horses on our trails, swimming in the pool, hiking down the country roads hunting for asparagus, or sitting as a family by a campfire on summer nights. In fact, most nights, you will find my youngest boys, Gabe and Hunter, sitting by the fire in nothing but their boxers!

If you would like to enjoy your summer nights like we do, keeping the bugs away just by smelling amazing, you can get a bottle of your own natural and non-toxic L&H Bug Spray or our new bug deterrent lotion here!


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