Applying Essential Oil


Lavender & Honey Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils from plants connect us to the botanical world and are renowned for their therapeutic and beneficial qualities. Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils to balance, harmonize and support the body, mind, and spirit, which in turn can enhance the natural healing process.


Essential oils are the “blood” of the plant, functioning as the plant's immune defense system, protecting the plant from disease and assisting its adaptation to the environment. Essential oils are in heredity antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and antiseptic.


At Lavender & Honey, we take great pride in providing 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. They are steam distilled or cold pressed directly from flowers, leaves, bark, roots, and wood without any adulteration or synthetic additive. We believe the purest oils from nature are best for health and harmony. We only source our essential oils from reputable distillers that keep sustainability at the heart of their work.  We buy in small quantities to preserve freshness from organically grown plants. We have access to the batch number, distillation date and GC/MS reports verifying the oils are pure and unadulterated. Each blend we formulate is made in the purest form possible with the only additive being the carrier oil.

Our essential oil blends are hand mixed drop by drop with the carrier oil added. We do this so that they are formulated and ready to use safely. No worries about which carrier oil to use or how many drops of each specific essential oil to use!  We use jojoba oil for the carrier oil in our blends. 

Each aromatherapy blend is available in a euro dropper bottle, roll-on vial, or in an inhaler.