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Back To School Wellness Tips

This morning I sent my boys off to school. While sad that summer is over and all that comes along with lazy summer days, I admit I am finding comfort in both the uninterrupted peace and getting back to a routine.

As each member of my family is settling into their own versions of their routine, each is also reaching for their own variation of Lavender & Honey Essential Oil Blends and Inhalers that come in handy once back to school.

My oldest son, Trevor who has both Asperger's and Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) uses his Attention Assist Inhaler at school to help him focus, concentrate, and remain attentive during his classes. At home during homework, if needed he diffuses his Attention Assist essential oil blend.

My youngest son, Gabriel keeps his Allergy Dissipator Inhaler handy to disintegrate congestion along with his red, puffy, itchy eyes and stuffy nose. Whatever is in the air this year is really exacerbating his symptoms, so we are finding that diffusing his Allergy Dissipator Blend while he sleeps helps him during sleep and the following day.

My husband deals with seasonal allergies as well, but prefers the Congestion Crusher Inhaler, since his biggest symptom is nasal stuffiness and congestion. Though I hoard the diffuser at night to diffuse my Relax & Sleepytime Allure Blend to lull me to sleep, so he is not diffusing at night. In my defense though, I have suffered with insomnia my entire life and I need my sleep to run this crazy household and my business! And his inhaler does the job for he really doesn't need to diffuse as night (but if he does I do share).

My middle son, Hunter probably uses Lavender & Honey blends the least of all of us. If he is grabbing anything it is usually Cuts N Scrapes for all his wounds an injuries. Though after a week at school it is common for the cold symptoms to start making their rounds through schools and families; Hunter was starting to feel those symptoms coming on and grabbed the Immune Booster Inhaler to ward of any evil germs. I think once school starts in conjunction with the cold and flu season that both the Immunity Booster Inhaler, Purify Essential Oil Blend and Cold & Flu Eradicator Essential Oil Blend is used more than any other blend in our home. It has been a game changer for our family since we started using them. Our family used to pass around colds and the flu perpetually. One year I think we were sick more than we were well. I also tend to have a weak immune system after needing to have my spleen removed. I was sick often during every cold and flu season and it dragged on for weeks! Since using essential oils I am rarely sick! And if I do happen to catch something it is not nearly as intense and I am over it in a day or two. Now if I could just create an essential oil blend that would make Hunter stop losing his lunch box and glasses!

Essential oils are smart substances, they can move through the body effortlessly, even passing through the interstitial fluid with ease (fluid that surrounds cells), no other known substance can do this, certainly not synthetic antibiotics. Essential oils are the perfect delivery system, it's as if they know where they're needed. And because their chemical composition changes due to natural cycles like weather and harvest, the natural world prevents bacteria from becoming resistant. Simply placing them on your skin or inhaling them will deliver the complex chemical compounds directly into your bloodstream.

Here at Lavender & Honey we carry a whole line of essential oil blends and inhalers for the most common aliments. You can check them all out in our shop here! Don't see what you need, let us know here, or reach out us via email or phone and we will custom create whatever you need! In honor of back to school (and 7.5 hours of peace and quiet) use the coupon code 'BACKTOSCHOOL' and get 15% off Lavender & Honey essential oil blends or inhalers through this Sunday, September 9th, 2018 at 11:59 EST!

We would also love to hear what your favorite Lavender & Honey essential oil blend is as well and how it has helped you in the comments below.

Hugs and blessings,



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